Friday, January 6, 2012

My Wishlist 2012 - (2) Piaget Altiplano Wrist Watch

When I saw this watch I instantly fell in love with it. It's simple, elegant and at the same time glamorous. I love the wide screen and the simple design. I always lived by the motto "less is more". The good thing is that it's easy to match this wrist watch with an outfit. I believe that a watch like this or similar to this one would go with a pair of jeans as well as with an elegant outfit - for special occasions or business meetings. I would love to wear it with jeans, a pair of high-heel shoes, a simple shirt and a blazer on top.

I know that a watch says a lot about the person who wears it but I'm not a person who wishes for fancy things, I would appreciate it if the watch was of good quality and I mean it should be made of stainless steel so that it would "live" longer but I couldn't care less if the watch would have diamonds, sapphires or other precious stones.

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