Sunday, January 31, 2010

TV series: Updated

I know I haven't posted much lately but with all these exams going on right now, I didn't have a choice but to concentrate on studying. So in this post I decided to write about my favorite TV shows. I like quite a few series, such as Supernatural, One Tree Hill, Fringe, Gossip Girl, Melrose Place, The Vampire Diaries. Yes...I watch all of these series, I absolutely enjoy doing that and of course I'm up to date with every episode and everything regarding them. Each series is special in its own way, that's for sure and its also very different from the a few words:

Supernatural is about 2 brothers- Sam & Dean Winchester- hunting supernatural creatures and trying to save the world from the Apocalypse.
One Tree Hill shows the life stories of a few teenagers from a small town - Haley James, Nathan Scott, Peyton Sawyer, Lucas Scott, Brooke Davis, Skills, Marvin 'Mouth' McFadden, Dan Scott, Karen Roe...- the dramas and the lessons they learn as life goes on.
Fringe: the FBI (Olivia Dunham, Broyles, Charlie, Astrid) teams up with a - formerly institutionalized - scientist, Walter Bishop who was performing experiments on the fringe of real science, and his son - Peter Bishop, an MIT dropout. Together they investigate weird crimes that are seemingly part of a larger pattern of events, and may be connected with a global company called 'Massive Dynamics'.
Tip: this show is a combination between CSI and X-Files, it's quite freaky but the actor's humour and sarcasm makes it a bit more fun.

Gossip Girl is about the Upper East Side teenage life - Serena van der Woodsen, Eric van der Woodesen, Blair Waldorf, Chuck Bass, Nate Archibald - the rich kids; Dan Humphrey, Jenny Humphrey, Vanessa Abrams - middle class kids.
Melrose Place shows the lives of some rich youngsters (Ella, Lauren, Riley, David, Jonah, Auggie, Violet) living in Hollywood and the dillemas/dramas that come up in their lives starting from a crime which takes place in the building they live in.
The Vampire Diaries is about 2 vampire brothers - Damon & Stephen Salvatore - who used to love the same girl -Katherine - a long time ago and who nowadays find a girl who looks just like her - Elena. While Damon causes a lot of damage in his pursuit of reviving Katherine, Stephen tries to protect Elena and her beloved ones from dangers.

Gilmore Girls: Lorelai Gilmore, 32, has a close relationship with her daughter Rory, that they are often mistaken for sisters. Between Lorelai's relationship with her parents, Rory's new prep school, and both of their romantic entanglements, there's plenty of drama to go around. (via IMDb)

The O.C. (Orange County): Ensemble drama revolving around the young adult community of the Orange County, California, area. Ryan, a street-smart teen winds up in the midst of the high-class society of Newport Beach, when he is adopted by the stern but compassionate Sandford "Sandy" Cohen, a lawyer who has represented Ryan in the past for his misdeeds, and his wife Kirsten. Ryan starts getting along very well with his stepbrother, Seth, but their lives get more complicated when they fall in love with two rich best friends: Marisa and Summer.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tag :)

I know I usually write in English (yeah that's my hobby :)) but I'm gonna keep the Romanian version as well so anyone can do it :D I personally tag Crissu, Mea, RheaCory to do this. :)

4 favorite movies/Patru filme care mi-au plăcut:

- The Notebook

- The Duchess

- A beautiful mind

- August Rush

4 books I like/Patru cărţi care mi-au plăcut:

- "The Woman in White" - Wilkie Collins

- "Anna Karenina" - Lev Tolstoi

- "The Alchemist" - Paolo Coelho

- "Eat. Pray. Love" - Elizabeth Gilbert

4 close friends/ Patru prieteni apropiaţi:

- Silvia

- Iony

- Lala

- Roxi

+ Ioana :))

Favorite food/ Patru mâncăruri preferate:

- mashed potatoes & grilled meat

- macaroni & cheese

- crispy strips from KFC

- tomato soup

4 places I visited in Romania/ Patru locuri vizitate, din Romania:

- Herculane

- Orşova

- Buzău

- Bucureşti

4 countries I've evisited/ Patru ţări pe care le-am vizitat:

- none yet :))

4 sites I check every day/ Patru site-uri pe care le vizitez zilnic:





4 things situated on my desk at this moment/ Patru lucruri care se află momentan pe biroul meu:

- my glasses

- headphones

- cookies

- my cellphone

4 clothing items which I wore today/ Patru articole vestimentare pe care le-am purtat azi:

- dark green sweatpants

- red blouse

- black sweater

- black socks

4 teachers whom I like/ Patru profesori preferaţi:

- Jivi - English teacher from highschool

- Teach' (Mariana) - another English teacher from highschool

- Ionescu (Johny) - my History teacher in highschool - BEST teacher ever!

- Daniel (Deji) - my English Writing Skills teacher at University

4 deskmates I had so far/ Patru colegi de bancă de până acum:

- Roland in 1st grade

- Andreea in 8th grade

- Silvia in 9th grade

- Cosmin in 12th grade

Patru numere preferate :

- 3

- 12

- 24

- 7

4 concerts I've been to/ Patru concerte la care am fost:

- nothing interesting so far :((

4 persons I talked to today/ Patru persoane cu care am vorbit azi:

- Ioana

- Flory (my sister)

- Roxi

- Marius

4 instruments I'd like to play/ Patru instrumente la care aş vrea să cânt:

- PIANOOOO <33333

- PIANO :))

- drums

- guitar

4 of my favorite school subjects/ Patru materii preferate:


- English (general language)

- English literature

- French

+ Psychology :)

4 regrets that I have/ Patru regrete:

- that I didn't go to music school!!!! It's going to haunt me forever :((

- that I didn't go to dance classes anymore :(( shame on me...I love to dance anyway \o/

- that I didn't give "L" a chance at the right time :P

- that I forgave D's behavior so easily :( (Silvy knows...she didn't deserve that but anyway I got over it...)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's (about) time...

It's late...It's time to get some sleep...or more like, it's about time I get some sleep.
I admit that this is a problem I'll have to deal with sooner or later: my lack of sleep.
I know that with all these exams right I have little time to study so I try to take advantage of every second to revise for them...but this kind of behavior is just one of the reasons that made me become an insomniac.
Add to that watching movies/tv series almost every night with my sister or friends.
Not enough?! Then add an addiction to reading books online and blogs and all kinds of stuff...
Still not enough?!
I also used to stay up late to talk to my online/foreign friends. I wouldn't miss a chance to talk to my lovelies. Now we don't chat as often as before since everyone is busy with school or jobs but instead we text message whenever we can or we write emails.
Even so, I'm still an insomniac...
But the cherry on top is my sister's job...I used to be really pissed of because of her job but I'm not anymore. So I'm going to tell you how things were when she started working (btw she works from home, online): her "shift" was between 7 PM and 3 AM and she USED to work on the computer which had and still has a VERY NOISY keyboard (I couldn't stand it before but now I'm kinda imune to the sound) but thankfully she's working on her laptop now. As we were sharing the same room, which we still share even now, she had to keep the light on so she could see what she was yeah noise + light = big annoyance while I was trying to get some sleep so that I could be fresh for school the next day. Moreoever she received this desk phone, from the company she was working for and when it rang it was so noisy and so loud that I believe it was waking up all the neighbors haha though nobody complained so far. So since my sister was working for an American company she had to work according to their morning shift (9 AM-5 PM in USA, 7 PM - 3 AM here) so the phone was ringing randomply in the middle of the night. :(( At first it was really annoying but then I decided to stay up till she finished her shift, trying to read a book or something, so that we would both get to sleep at the same time and only then I could rest properly.
Ever since, my sleeping schedule was f***ed up. :(

Those are pretty much all the reasons that led to my lack of sleep...but now since I'm already used to being completely awake at 3 AM I just loooove to stay online at that late hour and do bye-bye sleep :))
The thing is that during holidays it's ok since I can sleep in for as long as I want and I can wake up in the evening if I want to, but during school time it's not ok, it's definitely going to damage my health if I don't put an end to it. A bad example would be me a few days ago studying for an exam till (almost) 4 AM and then waking up at 6:20 AM to go take that exam....NOT GOOD!
I'm completely aware of it so I'm going to try my hardest to "reset" my sleeping schedule and get some "beauty sleep" from now on. :D

Lyrics from Owl City - Fireflies:

I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
Awake when I'm asleep
'Cause everything is never as it seems
When I fall asleep

Leave my door open just a crack
(Please take me away from here)
'Cause I feel like such an insomniac
(Please take me away from here)
Why do I tire of counting sheep
(Please take me away from here)
When I'm far too tired to fall asleep

To ten million fireflies
I'm weird 'cause I hate goodbyes
I got misty eyes as they said farewell

But I'll know where several are
If my dreams get real bizarre
'Cause I saved a few and I keep them in a jar

Owl City - Fireflies
Asculta mai multe audio Muzica

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sing your heart out...

I know that Youtube has a lot of talented users but in this post I want to show you guys a few singers whom I've discovered lately and whom I admire for their great vocal skills. I'm sure that there are a lot more to be discovered but so far these are the ones that caught my attention.

Last night I was watching some random videos on youtube when I came across this video of some girls called Blyss who managed to make this amazing cover of Destiny's Child song Emotions! That's one amazing cover! These girls are extremely talented and I trully hope that they get something out of it someday :

Then there are these 2 girls called Rin on the Rox who I've been listening to for a while now. They have amazing voices and they complete each other so well! Their covers are really good. This time I'm not going to post a cover but I'm going to post one song (which sounds SOOOO good in my opinion) which they produced with someone working in the music industry:

J'Lostein is also an amazing girl with an amazing voice! She has an angelic voice to be honest! When she sings her voice sounds so nice, so serene and soothing. You can feel the warmth and kindness in her voice. Ignore her crazy style if it "bothers" you or anything...just listen to her and you'll see what I mean. :)

Hana Pestle is also one of the singers I've discovered on youtube. She has a very clear, strong but at the same time soothing voice. I know she already performs on stages but I really hope she'll become famous someday! She deserves it!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


34. My favorite colour is blue.
35. I speak English, French, Spanish
36. I understand Italian & Portuguese quite well even if I've never learned them
37. I'm trying to learn dutch & japanese by myself just because I like these 2 languages :)
38. I don't like watching tv
39. I love reading books
40. I like horror & psychological movies
41. I like old movies/black and white movies or movies made after british novels :)
42. I'm not quite a romantic person...
43. Not many people know but I've always enjoyed singing
44. Foreign literature is awesome!
45. I wish to travel to as many places as possible.
46. I love New Zeland for it's greenary.
47. I believe in doing things from personal will not waiting to be nagged.
48. I like to cook when I'm home alone. I like testing my cooking skills.
49. I regret selling my guitar a few years back...I wish I had it now
50. I don't think I'll ever drive a car.
51. I don't like big cars, a car should be useful not fancy.
52. I sleep very little. I could get 3 or 10 hours of sleep and I could work just as well.
53. I love dogs!
54. I don't whine. I hate that!
55. I don't like whiney people. Suck it up and move on.
56. I only ask once if something's bothering you. I don't like nagging people.
57. I like to wear silver jewelry.
58. I have a necklace from a French monastary which always brings me luck. It's my lucky charm.
59. I wear glasses 80% of the time...I can't read/see anything without them.
60. I spend a lot of time at the computer.
61. I'm addicted to facebook and now twitter.
62. I never really use yahoo messinger :P
63. I use msn to talk to my foreign friends.
64. I watch anime & read mangas and now I understand basic Japanese.
65. Besides house music I like to listen to some korean and japanese bands :)
66. I've ALWAYS wanted to play the piano and I won't give up on this dream till I get one and learn how to play.