Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My New Year's resolution & wishes...

Since tomorrow morning I'm leaving town to celebrate New Year's with my friends, in the mountains, I wrote this post today to wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! May you all have a wonderful time and party till the sun comes up with your loved ones :D Let's hope for a better year, lots of great moments and lots of FUUUN!

2009 was an interesting year, of course it had ups and downs but all in all it was a great life lesson and I experienced a lot of new things.
I'm going to mention some of the good things that happened:
I met wonderful people who soon became good friends ;)
I made some great friends at university;
I turned a beautiful age (20) and I got to spend that day with the persons I care about the most;
also on the night of my bday I also partyed with PARTYdul KissFM (Olix & Dan Fintescu) @ Club Vanilla as I wished;
I got to take part in local fashion show :X it was a great experience;
I passed ALL my exams with quite good grades :X;
I went with my friends to Herculane in the summer and it was a blast;
and I have many other good memories...

Here I go writing some of my personal wishes and what I wish to accopmplish in 2010:
*I hope I will pass this year's exams with no problem;
*I hope I will get to party/go clubbing more often than this year;
*I hope I get to see my best friend Silvy after more than 4 years since she moved to Australia :X
*I hope I get to go out of the country, maybe go to Greece in the summer (since I've never been to other countries :P)
*I hope I get to go to Amsterdam :X my favorite city and visit my dearest friend Annelore <3
*I hope I will get to meet my online friends :D
*I hope I get to visit more Romanian cities such as Iasi, Brasov, Sibiu, Sighisoara
*I hope I get to go to TranceVibration this year ;)
*I hope I get to go to House Parade :X
*I hope I will be able to make a difference in someone's life ;)
*I hope I get to see/visit more cultural places
*I will try to read more books
*I will try to follow my instincts more often
*I will try not to be late...I'm always 10 minutes late when I'm meeting someone :P
*I will try to call my friends more often (aka fix my problem of not liking to talk on the phone)
*I will try to be online more often...sort of...
*I will try to sleep more...than 5 hours at night :P
*I will try to learn Dutch better
*I will try to learn Japanese better
*I will study harder
*I will try to improve my English as much as I can
*I will try to help as many needy people as I can
*I will join an NGO
*I will try to be a better person
*I will pay more attention to the people who matter and to my surroundings
*I will take more photographs of what I like
*I will not hate or hurt anyone's feelings :)
*I will keep my head up and smile, no matter what will happen :D

Friday, December 25, 2009

It's Christmas time :)

First of all I want to wish you all MERRY CHRISTMAS!
This is the first Christmas I get to "spend" on my blog :)) It's interesting and it's nice.
The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Christmas are these cartoons called "Noel" which I saw almost every year on TV, about an ornament named that way which was alway saying "My name is Noel, and I have a happiness". These cartoons are so cute and I think we should all "have a happiness".
My home is ready for Christmas: decorations - check, tree - check, holiday food - check, carols playing in the background - check. I think that's all I need for the moment, to spend a nice Christmas with my family. I only wish that there was still some snow on the ground...but at least I got to enjoy the snow before Christmas. :) I guess we can't have anything we wish for, we just have to be patient and wishes will come true at a time.
Even though this Christmas I didn't get so much in the spirit of this holiday still I was happy to receive this little 6 year-old boy dressed up as Santa, who came to my place to sing a carol....he was so innocent, so natural and so cute. I appreciated the fact that he did his best and I remembered how I used to do the same thing as him, every single year...up to this one, when I didn't go caroling anymore.
This time I didn't make a Christmas wishlist but one of these days I'm going to post my list of wishes for the new year and my new year's resolutions.

This year we decided to decorate the tree with violet & golden decorations.
And here are some pics :

--->click on the pics to enlarge<---

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Trick & Kubic featuring Valeska - Easy ♥

I know this song is from 2006 but I still love it and I had to post the lyrics because they are so meaningful! :) Listen to the song or just read the lyrics and you'll see what I'm talking about. ;)
I also love the video because Lena Gerke is in it, she's the winner of the first edition of Germany's Next Top Model and she's a great model, just as expected.

If you hear a sound
from a voice inside
tellin' you
something's not right
you're gettin' tired
of this life
you just don't know
how to thrive
maybe one day
you will see
life's in motion
and you are the beat
flowin' with it
no matter how
just find the way
open your eyes
and feel new-born
threre's no reason
no need to mourn
things will change
and you will see
that your mind
will set you free
don't be impatient
don't run away
let me tell ya
that one day
you will see
how easy it is
how easy it is

(easy, easy, easy)

you wonder what it´s gonna be like
when you listen to that voice
speaking to you all the time
tellin' you all the things you need to know
it may be hard to understand
and hard to follow from time to time
but if you're not trying
nothing will change
it's your choice
the way you live your life
and not only within your dreams
with your eyes wide open
there's a lot more to see
than you've seen so far
so why don't you just give it a go?
and listen to what your heart says?
and stop questioning...

it's easy

(easy, easy, easy)

Saturday, December 19, 2009


There was this tag -99 things about me- going around blogs and even though at first I wasn't really sure if I wanted to do the end I decided to do it for the reason of "just because" :)) :))

Enjoy the first 33 things:

1. I don’t like the colour pink

2. I don’t like champagne and campari yuck

3. I get sick from the stomach if something is repeated over and over again, like a song or something..

4. Cigarette smoke makes me cough and it feels as if my neck and chest are burning

5. I like to dance at least an hour every single day, when I’m at home.

6. I go “crazy” if I don’t listen to music every single day, I’m seriously addicted to music.

7. I don’t like sports.

8. I always pick the most difficult school, solution etc.

9. I never take the easy way out.

10. I always take responsibility for my actions.

11. I appreciate honesty more than anything.

12. I don’t like people who forget to be modest.

13. I’ve never been outside this country.

14. I want to move to Amsterdam/Holland. <3

15. I have stage fright but it’s not as bad when it’s in front of strangers as it is in front of people I know...

16. I dislike having to make presentations in front of the class.

17. I’m VERY self conscious.

18. I believe in doing the right thing.

19. I believe in never giving up hope no matter how hard life gets.

20. I believe in staying optimistic in any situation.

21. I believe that revenge is not a smart way to act.

22. I believe that everyone needs to be treated nicely.

23. I wanted to become a doctor (a surgeon), then a model, then a performer (singer & dancer), then a DJ, then a psychologist, then a kindergarten teacher, then a PR & translator (studying to become one now) not many jobs, right? XD

24. I love little kids. They’re so cute. Most of them.

25. Most of the times I feel very motherly & protective of weak people, or poor people…anyone in need of some sort of support or protection.

26. I love learning new things about human mind. That’s why I love psychology so much.

27. I strongly believe that everyone deserves a second chance. Everyone makes mistakes after all.

28. My favorite book so far is ‘The woman in white’ by Wilkie Collins.

29. My favorite gown/dress designer is definitely Zuhair Murad!!

30. I LOVE fashion but I don’t like shopping :P

31. I talk in English more often than in Romanian :))

32. I listen to ALL types of music but my personal favorite is house music (dance & trance especially, I don't like minimal very much)

33. I’m a perfectionist, I like things well done

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Eat.Pray.Love / Mananca.Roaga-te.Iubeste

Eat. Pray. Love by Elizabeth Gilbert is definitely one of my all time favourite books!!

This book is about a woman who goes on a trip around the world to find herself after having a devastating divorce...and she will discover the wonders of life :)

And here are a few reasons why I enjoyed reading it:
- it's "fresh"
- it's honest
- the stories are true
- I indentify myself with the author's way of thinking & reacting like 80% of the time
- I loved reading about those 3 cultures: Italian , Indian & Indonesian
- each story had its own way of catching my attention: culinary delicacies & places full of history from Italy, yoga & meditation in India and living healthy & simply enjoying life in Indonesia :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009


This time I put together a PURPLE outfit :)
I'm in love with this colour! I wish I had more purple clothes in my closet...
This is such a trendy colour this season and I just had to "create" an outfit based on it.

Friday, November 6, 2009


I've been thinking about posting this a loooooong time ago but I just didn't really brought myself to actually do it :P
So this is my first post of the sort, from a long upcoming list :)
I've created this look with pictures from the internet and unfortunately I don't remember the clothes' brands but that's not my point, I actually want to post outfits created from pieces that I think go together very well and look very trendy. So this is my vision of fashion.
Actually for the first post I chose 2 black looks (because I couldn't decide on just one). I think black is a VERY ellegant/trendy colour if you know how to wear it. I for one love black clothes: leather jackets, jeans, blouses, T-shirts, tops, shoes, accessories....and everything else you can think of. I love it how black is found in almost every punk-rock/ellegant outfit and it never gets old.

->click on the pictures to enlarge

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My 20th anniversary :)

I know I went MIA (missing in action) but now I've come back to posting on my dear blog for a good reason :) MY 20TH ANNIVERSARY!!!! WOOT!

Yes I turned 20 the past weekend and even if now I'm officially an "adult" I do not feel any different...yet...
I had a great time celebrating this wonderful moment together with my dear friends: Iony, Lala, Ioana, Adina, Ina, and my sister Flory on the night of October 31st (yes on the Halloween night but I didn't disguise) and also went to lunch with Roxi the next day. We had a great time gathering in Atu Cafe-Bar (the place I frequent the most in the university campus), after that we went to a "late dinner" aka 1 AM with some of the girls and later on we went clubbing in Vanilla. *boogie* It was really fun but you can imagine how tired I was the next day. LOL But it was worth it.

As for gifts....I can't say anything but WOW! I've been so spoiled! So here are some pics of the gifts I received from my girls:

->click on the pictures to enlarge

From Loredana
From Ioana

From Iony

From Ina

From Silvy
From Roxy (btw the roses are made of some sort of scented wood)
(hand crafted yearings)
From Adina (Bershka shirt)
From Ina (orange scented candle)

From Iony (she knew I wanted a long necklace with a big heart pendant)

From Ina (gorgeous golden jewelry box)

From Lala

From Alina (silver necklace + heart pendant split in 2)

From Loredana

Friday, August 28, 2009

I love facebook games :P

I find Facebook really entertaining these days because of all the cute games they have :)

I like FarmVille, Pet Society, Sorority Life....and I've just discovered Restaurant City and Word Challenge - you can check it out here:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Accessories <3

This post is about accessories :)
I absolutely looove them. I'd rather buy simple clothes, with no prints on them (preferably grey, white, black, purple, maroon and a few other colours) and combine them with beautiful and most important, suitable, accessories such as jewels (rings, earings, necklaces, bracelets and all that) and short vests, belts, scarfs, glasses, bags ect., rather than buying weird clothes with all kinds of ugly prints that make them look cheap and trashy. So here I'd like to post some pictures of my favorite accessories. =) These are the ones I've liked the most from the Forever21 online store but I also like the H&M accessories very much!