Thursday, November 5, 2009

My 20th anniversary :)

I know I went MIA (missing in action) but now I've come back to posting on my dear blog for a good reason :) MY 20TH ANNIVERSARY!!!! WOOT!

Yes I turned 20 the past weekend and even if now I'm officially an "adult" I do not feel any different...yet...
I had a great time celebrating this wonderful moment together with my dear friends: Iony, Lala, Ioana, Adina, Ina, and my sister Flory on the night of October 31st (yes on the Halloween night but I didn't disguise) and also went to lunch with Roxi the next day. We had a great time gathering in Atu Cafe-Bar (the place I frequent the most in the university campus), after that we went to a "late dinner" aka 1 AM with some of the girls and later on we went clubbing in Vanilla. *boogie* It was really fun but you can imagine how tired I was the next day. LOL But it was worth it.

As for gifts....I can't say anything but WOW! I've been so spoiled! So here are some pics of the gifts I received from my girls:

->click on the pictures to enlarge

From Loredana
From Ioana

From Iony

From Ina

From Silvy
From Roxy (btw the roses are made of some sort of scented wood)
(hand crafted yearings)
From Adina (Bershka shirt)
From Ina (orange scented candle)

From Iony (she knew I wanted a long necklace with a big heart pendant)

From Ina (gorgeous golden jewelry box)

From Lala

From Alina (silver necklace + heart pendant split in 2)

From Loredana

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