Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Skulls & Purple (Polyvore)

This is one of my all time favorite outfits! First of all I LOVE loose T-shirts, they look cool and they are also very comfortable to wear. Again, I chose a pair of dark-blue jean shorts because they are a 'must' this summer. This pair of black flat sandals are really nice and I'm sure they are also very comfortable, if you're a person who walks a lot. Black is a classic so you can easily wear these sandals with clothes in all kinds of colours.
Skulls are also a huge trend this year and because I like it as well, I chose a pair of purple skull earrings by Tarina Tarantino, to match the purple loose T-shirt. I chose a silver bracelet with skulls because it matches the earrings but also because I think it's an interesting bracelet, not like the simple, classic ones who are a bit dull at times. Besides a silver bracelet, you can also wear a black & silver watch (and since I'm a huge fan of men's watches, I recommnd those :P).
I usually like long necklaces and for that reason I chose this Tiffany & co double-pendant necklace which woould look great over the T-shirt. Last but not least, I chose a black leather bag to complete the outfit.

You can wear this outfit during the day because it's pretty casual but you can also wear it in the evenings when you go out for dinner or a drink with your friends, because with the right accesories it can be quite chic.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fashion is ♥

That's it. I'm back to writing fashion posts. And I'm gonna keep on writing in English (I won't alternate posts in English and Romanian anymore, like I said I would) because I like it better this way. :)

I decided to post an outfit every few days and write a few words about the choices I've made. I will post outfits which I created already or will create on (because you can embed on your blog the outfits you create), which btw is an AWESOME site where you can explore your fashion talent. :)

For today I chose a pink outfit. As I said before ruffles are one of the biggest trends this year. Though I'm not a fan of the colour pink, I chose it because I think it's a fresh colour and I believe it looks really pretty in combination with the blue denim shorts. Denim shorts never go out of style so wear them as often as you can. I also love dorky glasses (or vintage glasses, call them as you wish) They are so lovely. For this outfit I chose some golden accessories, a pair of beige & brown pumps as well as a beige medium-sized bag to tone down the pink colour. At the end you can see the brands & prices of the objects used for the outfit, but to be honest it doesn't matter that much since I usually choose what I think looks nice and I don't really take into consideration the prices they have. ;)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

First celebration: this blog is 1 year old

Gosh I've been so busy these days that I didn't realise it's my blog's birthday...How did time pass by so quickly?! I mean, this time last year I was just starting my blog, my own little space where I could write about what I like, what I feel and all kinds of random stuff. I know this blog was off to a slow start because I didn't make it public on my personal accounts (twitter, facebook etc) but there's still time for it to grow. I have some things in mind. :)
So far there have been 54 posts and almost 1000 page views. This second year I'm planning on raising the stakes. :D

depending on what you like more. ;)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Challenge yourself

Talking about challenges...I think that all of us should do things that we believe are challenging. Why should we always stay in our comfort zone and live in a warm and fuzzy world. I think that's plain boring. I'm not saying you should push yourself too far because some things you wish too accomplish might be too much for you at times. You can start with small challenges and then while you grow up and you accomplish them one by one, you can 'upgrade' yourself and go even further. I learned on my own that wishing for something is not going to help me in any way. Just wishing is not enough, you have to go for it. Give it a try and it might work. Just in case it doesn't go well from the beginning, it doesn't mean you can't accomplish that thing. That's the challanging part. That's when you see how ambitious you are, that's when you see if you accept your failure or you want to be a winner. Challenges make you stronger, they raise your self-esteem and they make you happier.

In my situation I can tell you that I started with the idea that I don't ever want to be tutored outside the classes, unlike the other kids. So while their parents were spending a lot of money for those tutoring classes, I was studying by myself. That's how I got into the highschool I wanted to. Then it's just another episode of hystory reapeating because when I finished highscool I refused to get tutored again (I wanted to invest the money for tutoring in something else) so I've been studying by myself for the final exams . Again, I got into the Univeristy I wanted to. But the thing is that I never chose to go to an 'easy' school. I always wanted a challange so I chose schools where I knew that teachers are good and expectations are high. Only if I know that I have to work hard to achieve something I feel accomplished. Things that are too easy to get don't catch my interest. In most of the situations I don't take the easy way out.

So why not challenge yourself a little? Learn how to swim, climb a mountain, travel to certain places, read more books, learn how to use Photoshop, learn how to mix music, take part in contests, become a member of an organization etc. If you have a hobby (sing, dance, perform all kinds of stuff, doing sports etc), then maybe you should give it a try. You might be very good at it, even if you've never thought about it. Or you could do something out of the ordinary like bungee-jumping, flying, rafting or any other crazy thing. Feel the adrenaline rush. It might be the best thing you've ever done (for yourself).

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Marine style

I'm sure you've seen it so many times before. It never goes out of style....It only gets better each year....Yes, you know I'm talking about the 'marine style'. It's a classic but we love it, don't we? ;) Its colours (red, navy blue, white) make a great combination. Whenever I see someone wearing marine style clothes I think of summer. Add some accessories like necklaces and bracelets with anchor, starfish, seahorse pendants and you will definitely 'rock the boat'.