Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fashion is ♥

That's it. I'm back to writing fashion posts. And I'm gonna keep on writing in English (I won't alternate posts in English and Romanian anymore, like I said I would) because I like it better this way. :)

I decided to post an outfit every few days and write a few words about the choices I've made. I will post outfits which I created already or will create on (because you can embed on your blog the outfits you create), which btw is an AWESOME site where you can explore your fashion talent. :)

For today I chose a pink outfit. As I said before ruffles are one of the biggest trends this year. Though I'm not a fan of the colour pink, I chose it because I think it's a fresh colour and I believe it looks really pretty in combination with the blue denim shorts. Denim shorts never go out of style so wear them as often as you can. I also love dorky glasses (or vintage glasses, call them as you wish) They are so lovely. For this outfit I chose some golden accessories, a pair of beige & brown pumps as well as a beige medium-sized bag to tone down the pink colour. At the end you can see the brands & prices of the objects used for the outfit, but to be honest it doesn't matter that much since I usually choose what I think looks nice and I don't really take into consideration the prices they have. ;)

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