Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas wishlist

So here's my wishlist (realistic or not):

1. a new phone since my phone is dying slowly :( , preferably a Nokia N97
or a Nokia E72
2. Short Sleeve V-Neck Black Dress (at
3.Sleeveless Round Collar Chiffon White Dress
4.Books (cause I just love to read) preferably foreign literature
5.A Japanese table-set:
6.Visit Amsterdam <3

New outfit - long sweaters are a must

Finally I get to post something in here. Yay! I'm really sorry I haven't updated my blog in a long time but I've been really busy with university and everything...But this won't be an update-post, it will be a fashion-post. Today I bought a long blouse/sweater that I fell competely in love with, as soon as I saw it, even though I wasn't planning on doing any shopping. So...lately I've been having this obsession for really long & loose blouses/sweaters. I just love them! They are so chic and yet so comfortable. You can wear them with belts or just let them loose. And depending on what accessories and pieces of clothing you're wearing them with, you can either wear an elegant outfit or a casual but trendy outfit. The choice is yours. And here are some pics:

Friday, October 22, 2010

My favorite trance songs right now

First State - "Cross The Line" (George Acosta Remix)

Josh Gabriel pres. Winter Kills - "My Friend"

Gareth Emery feat. Lucy Saunders - "Sanctuary"

Sunlounger ft Zara Taylor - "Lost" [Dance Mix]

Aruna with Mark Eteson - "Let Go"

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Trance Vibrations Events 11 & 25 September 2010

photo by Marcel Neag

Recently I've been to these AMAZING "Trance Vibrations" shows in my town at Anpora Music Arena (a new 'club' in town). One took place on September 11 and the main guests were the Djs 4 Strings (from Holland) and tyDi (No.1 dj in Australia, about whom I didn't know very much at that time but who surprised me in a good way) and the Romanian trance djs 'Stefano b2b Juliano' and dARe. They rose above my expectations and they literally made my...night!!! The atmosphere was crazy: the music was loud and clear, the laser show was awesome, the djs were in a great mood and together with Mc The Watcher they really knew how to entertain the crowd and last but not least, the crowd was extremely energetic. We all jumped, danced and sang along all night. I have such great memories from that night! I never wanted it to end. :) At the end I had the chance to meet tyDi in person and let me tell you that he is a REALLY nice guy, so laidback and so cheerful!!! The dj 4 Strings was also very nice and as well as tyDi, he immediately agreed to take a picture with me.

4 Strings in action :)

amazing laser show!

tyDi in action - feeling the music and the crowd's energy :)

the amazing crowd!!! - I'm the one with the blue t-shirt ;)

tyDi & Mc The Watcher
Stefaon b2b Juliano in the mix

On September 25 I just couldn't wait for the show to begin! One of my favorite djs was going to mix - Dash Berlin (from Holland)!!! He comes on 4th place in his country and 17th in the world. Dj dARe was the one who did the warm-up, then Dash Berlin came on stage at 12:30 AM till 2:30 AM and the closing set was mixed by dj Kris O'Neil from Denmark. This night was even more amazing!! The crowd was literally out of this world, all thanks to these great djs and the lovely songs they chose to play and mix. Most of us knew the lyrics of the songs and we all sang so loud that several times the music was stopped so that we could hear ourselves clearly singing along. That was such a great experience! I was also very happy to be there with my sister and many friends and I also recognized a LOT of people from the previous event. At the end we stood in line to get an autograph from Dash Berlin. There was a long line but after half of them were gone, the bodyguards were kind enough to let me and my sis' go in (hihi) and when we went in, the organisers were in such a great mood, so hyper, that they all 'hi5'-ed us haha and they gave us a card and a sticker with Dash Berlin :). He was kind enough to sign them and to take a picture at the suggestion of the organisers (who also took the picture for us). Those guys were just awesome!

me & Alex - two TRANCE fans ;) <3>

Dash Berlin in the miiiiiix :D

me and Kris O'Neil mixing in the back :)

our lovely pic with Dash Berlin taken by the event organisers at their suggestion ;)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm back ladies and gents! + my trip to Germany

This is a bit delayed but...I'm back on the blog and I'm ready to share some of the pics I've taken while I was on holiday in the southern area of Germany. :) First of all I must say it was AMAZING! The weather was great and I got to visit so many beautiful places (from which Neuburg an der Donau definitely stole my heart -first pic). The architecture is so pretty and it reminded me of the old times...when kings & queens were still living in castles and they were throwing balls and such things. It was quite a relaxing holiday and I enjoyed EVERY minute of it! Actually I loved it so much that I was sad when I had to leave...I would've never left Germany haha :) I stayed with some friends who have been living there for quite a while and they were SUCH sweethearts trying to make my stay a time to remember. I already miss them!!! I also went clubbing with some friends and I had the best time ever! I liked how all the clubs had several music-rooms so you could choose which ever you wanted to go in, depending on your music taste (usually there was one for rock, one for pop and one for electronic music) and you could switch the room any time you wanted. THAT is a GREAT idea! People there were so entertaining and so friendly, I really liked that. Too bad most of them can't speak any other languages, so the 'very common' English is out of the question in most of the cases but yeah...I managed with my little notion of German. ;) I hope I'll get to visit Germany again soon.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New earrings

So I bought some new earrings and I must admit that my favorite pair is the black one that I got from Avon. Surprisingly they have awesome accessories and I have quite a few necklaces and earrings from them. I didn't use to wear long earrings because I always thought they were heavy or they just didn't suit me, but lately I've changed my mind. I think that long earrings are usually very elegant so they look better with a dress, preferably a simple one in a dark colour. Then you don't have to wear many accessories. You could wear a ring or a bracelet because I think a necklace wouldn't really fit the picture. are my favorite earrings:

Monday, August 2, 2010

Rhythm and Blue (Polyvore)

This time I chose a casual look. As you can see, I love BLUE. Actually it's my favorite colour. :)
I love tight jeans and the darker the denim is, the better. Combined with simple black flats, they look great. Plaid shirts are very warm in the winter but the new version of the classical checkered shirt with short sleaves or no sleaves at all, are perfect in the summer. They are extremely lovely and everyone must have at least one in their wardrobe. They remind me of the western/country style but improved by the right accessories they look rather like an 'urban cowboy/girl' version.
As accessories I chose (again) a watch with a more masculine model (cause I like those better), a dark blue leather bag, silver & blue bangles (I love wearing as many bracelets as possible), an oversized silver ring with a big blue stone (because I also love oversized rings) and a studded belt for the punk/urban touch. The headband is not necessary. It depends on how many accessories you actually wear. Sometimes a headband might be too much.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Short update

Sorry for not being able to post anything for more than a week. I was on holiday and I didn't have time to write any posts while I was gone. But I promise you I'll make a new post tomorrow. :) I had a nice time even though the weather was kinda ugly (it was rainy or at least cloudy almost every day). I hope you're all having a great summer!! ^_^

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Skulls & Purple (Polyvore)

This is one of my all time favorite outfits! First of all I LOVE loose T-shirts, they look cool and they are also very comfortable to wear. Again, I chose a pair of dark-blue jean shorts because they are a 'must' this summer. This pair of black flat sandals are really nice and I'm sure they are also very comfortable, if you're a person who walks a lot. Black is a classic so you can easily wear these sandals with clothes in all kinds of colours.
Skulls are also a huge trend this year and because I like it as well, I chose a pair of purple skull earrings by Tarina Tarantino, to match the purple loose T-shirt. I chose a silver bracelet with skulls because it matches the earrings but also because I think it's an interesting bracelet, not like the simple, classic ones who are a bit dull at times. Besides a silver bracelet, you can also wear a black & silver watch (and since I'm a huge fan of men's watches, I recommnd those :P).
I usually like long necklaces and for that reason I chose this Tiffany & co double-pendant necklace which woould look great over the T-shirt. Last but not least, I chose a black leather bag to complete the outfit.

You can wear this outfit during the day because it's pretty casual but you can also wear it in the evenings when you go out for dinner or a drink with your friends, because with the right accesories it can be quite chic.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fashion is ♥

That's it. I'm back to writing fashion posts. And I'm gonna keep on writing in English (I won't alternate posts in English and Romanian anymore, like I said I would) because I like it better this way. :)

I decided to post an outfit every few days and write a few words about the choices I've made. I will post outfits which I created already or will create on (because you can embed on your blog the outfits you create), which btw is an AWESOME site where you can explore your fashion talent. :)

For today I chose a pink outfit. As I said before ruffles are one of the biggest trends this year. Though I'm not a fan of the colour pink, I chose it because I think it's a fresh colour and I believe it looks really pretty in combination with the blue denim shorts. Denim shorts never go out of style so wear them as often as you can. I also love dorky glasses (or vintage glasses, call them as you wish) They are so lovely. For this outfit I chose some golden accessories, a pair of beige & brown pumps as well as a beige medium-sized bag to tone down the pink colour. At the end you can see the brands & prices of the objects used for the outfit, but to be honest it doesn't matter that much since I usually choose what I think looks nice and I don't really take into consideration the prices they have. ;)