Monday, August 2, 2010

Rhythm and Blue (Polyvore)

This time I chose a casual look. As you can see, I love BLUE. Actually it's my favorite colour. :)
I love tight jeans and the darker the denim is, the better. Combined with simple black flats, they look great. Plaid shirts are very warm in the winter but the new version of the classical checkered shirt with short sleaves or no sleaves at all, are perfect in the summer. They are extremely lovely and everyone must have at least one in their wardrobe. They remind me of the western/country style but improved by the right accessories they look rather like an 'urban cowboy/girl' version.
As accessories I chose (again) a watch with a more masculine model (cause I like those better), a dark blue leather bag, silver & blue bangles (I love wearing as many bracelets as possible), an oversized silver ring with a big blue stone (because I also love oversized rings) and a studded belt for the punk/urban touch. The headband is not necessary. It depends on how many accessories you actually wear. Sometimes a headband might be too much.

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