Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New earrings

So I bought some new earrings and I must admit that my favorite pair is the black one that I got from Avon. Surprisingly they have awesome accessories and I have quite a few necklaces and earrings from them. I didn't use to wear long earrings because I always thought they were heavy or they just didn't suit me, but lately I've changed my mind. I think that long earrings are usually very elegant so they look better with a dress, preferably a simple one in a dark colour. Then you don't have to wear many accessories. You could wear a ring or a bracelet because I think a necklace wouldn't really fit the picture. are my favorite earrings:


  1. tu i-ai făcut? :O
    deci ..cei din a 2-a poză ..îi ADOR!!!
    sunt superbi!!

  2. :) nu, nu i-am facut eu...i-am cumparat :p
    cei din a 2-a si a 3-a poza sunt comandati de la Avon pt ca mi-au placut foarte mult.