Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm back ladies and gents! + my trip to Germany

This is a bit delayed but...I'm back on the blog and I'm ready to share some of the pics I've taken while I was on holiday in the southern area of Germany. :) First of all I must say it was AMAZING! The weather was great and I got to visit so many beautiful places (from which Neuburg an der Donau definitely stole my heart -first pic). The architecture is so pretty and it reminded me of the old times...when kings & queens were still living in castles and they were throwing balls and such things. It was quite a relaxing holiday and I enjoyed EVERY minute of it! Actually I loved it so much that I was sad when I had to leave...I would've never left Germany haha :) I stayed with some friends who have been living there for quite a while and they were SUCH sweethearts trying to make my stay a time to remember. I already miss them!!! I also went clubbing with some friends and I had the best time ever! I liked how all the clubs had several music-rooms so you could choose which ever you wanted to go in, depending on your music taste (usually there was one for rock, one for pop and one for electronic music) and you could switch the room any time you wanted. THAT is a GREAT idea! People there were so entertaining and so friendly, I really liked that. Too bad most of them can't speak any other languages, so the 'very common' English is out of the question in most of the cases but yeah...I managed with my little notion of German. ;) I hope I'll get to visit Germany again soon.


  1. și eu am fost acolo nu de mult ;;) ... dar zi-mi ... așa-i că-i fain și-n România ? ;;)

  2. A fost foarte frumos în Germania şi oricând aş merge din nou(sau în Olanda, Franţa, Italia etc), dar e foarte frumos şi în România. Sunt multe locuri care ar trebui vizitate şi nu am vazut până acum nici 10% din ele...sper ca în curând să ajung să văd cât mai multe. Dar chiar dacă avem peisaje frumoase ar trebui măcar să mai lucrăm la capitolul civilizaţie şi calitatea serviciilor.