Saturday, October 2, 2010

Trance Vibrations Events 11 & 25 September 2010

photo by Marcel Neag

Recently I've been to these AMAZING "Trance Vibrations" shows in my town at Anpora Music Arena (a new 'club' in town). One took place on September 11 and the main guests were the Djs 4 Strings (from Holland) and tyDi (No.1 dj in Australia, about whom I didn't know very much at that time but who surprised me in a good way) and the Romanian trance djs 'Stefano b2b Juliano' and dARe. They rose above my expectations and they literally made my...night!!! The atmosphere was crazy: the music was loud and clear, the laser show was awesome, the djs were in a great mood and together with Mc The Watcher they really knew how to entertain the crowd and last but not least, the crowd was extremely energetic. We all jumped, danced and sang along all night. I have such great memories from that night! I never wanted it to end. :) At the end I had the chance to meet tyDi in person and let me tell you that he is a REALLY nice guy, so laidback and so cheerful!!! The dj 4 Strings was also very nice and as well as tyDi, he immediately agreed to take a picture with me.

4 Strings in action :)

amazing laser show!

tyDi in action - feeling the music and the crowd's energy :)

the amazing crowd!!! - I'm the one with the blue t-shirt ;)

tyDi & Mc The Watcher
Stefaon b2b Juliano in the mix

On September 25 I just couldn't wait for the show to begin! One of my favorite djs was going to mix - Dash Berlin (from Holland)!!! He comes on 4th place in his country and 17th in the world. Dj dARe was the one who did the warm-up, then Dash Berlin came on stage at 12:30 AM till 2:30 AM and the closing set was mixed by dj Kris O'Neil from Denmark. This night was even more amazing!! The crowd was literally out of this world, all thanks to these great djs and the lovely songs they chose to play and mix. Most of us knew the lyrics of the songs and we all sang so loud that several times the music was stopped so that we could hear ourselves clearly singing along. That was such a great experience! I was also very happy to be there with my sister and many friends and I also recognized a LOT of people from the previous event. At the end we stood in line to get an autograph from Dash Berlin. There was a long line but after half of them were gone, the bodyguards were kind enough to let me and my sis' go in (hihi) and when we went in, the organisers were in such a great mood, so hyper, that they all 'hi5'-ed us haha and they gave us a card and a sticker with Dash Berlin :). He was kind enough to sign them and to take a picture at the suggestion of the organisers (who also took the picture for us). Those guys were just awesome!

me & Alex - two TRANCE fans ;) <3>

Dash Berlin in the miiiiiix :D

me and Kris O'Neil mixing in the back :)

our lovely pic with Dash Berlin taken by the event organisers at their suggestion ;)

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