Saturday, December 12, 2009

Eat.Pray.Love / Mananca.Roaga-te.Iubeste

Eat. Pray. Love by Elizabeth Gilbert is definitely one of my all time favourite books!!

This book is about a woman who goes on a trip around the world to find herself after having a devastating divorce...and she will discover the wonders of life :)

And here are a few reasons why I enjoyed reading it:
- it's "fresh"
- it's honest
- the stories are true
- I indentify myself with the author's way of thinking & reacting like 80% of the time
- I loved reading about those 3 cultures: Italian , Indian & Indonesian
- each story had its own way of catching my attention: culinary delicacies & places full of history from Italy, yoga & meditation in India and living healthy & simply enjoying life in Indonesia :)

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