Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My New Year's resolution & wishes...

Since tomorrow morning I'm leaving town to celebrate New Year's with my friends, in the mountains, I wrote this post today to wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! May you all have a wonderful time and party till the sun comes up with your loved ones :D Let's hope for a better year, lots of great moments and lots of FUUUN!

2009 was an interesting year, of course it had ups and downs but all in all it was a great life lesson and I experienced a lot of new things.
I'm going to mention some of the good things that happened:
I met wonderful people who soon became good friends ;)
I made some great friends at university;
I turned a beautiful age (20) and I got to spend that day with the persons I care about the most;
also on the night of my bday I also partyed with PARTYdul KissFM (Olix & Dan Fintescu) @ Club Vanilla as I wished;
I got to take part in local fashion show :X it was a great experience;
I passed ALL my exams with quite good grades :X;
I went with my friends to Herculane in the summer and it was a blast;
and I have many other good memories...

Here I go writing some of my personal wishes and what I wish to accopmplish in 2010:
*I hope I will pass this year's exams with no problem;
*I hope I will get to party/go clubbing more often than this year;
*I hope I get to see my best friend Silvy after more than 4 years since she moved to Australia :X
*I hope I get to go out of the country, maybe go to Greece in the summer (since I've never been to other countries :P)
*I hope I get to go to Amsterdam :X my favorite city and visit my dearest friend Annelore <3
*I hope I will get to meet my online friends :D
*I hope I get to visit more Romanian cities such as Iasi, Brasov, Sibiu, Sighisoara
*I hope I get to go to TranceVibration this year ;)
*I hope I get to go to House Parade :X
*I hope I will be able to make a difference in someone's life ;)
*I hope I get to see/visit more cultural places
*I will try to read more books
*I will try to follow my instincts more often
*I will try not to be late...I'm always 10 minutes late when I'm meeting someone :P
*I will try to call my friends more often (aka fix my problem of not liking to talk on the phone)
*I will try to be online more often...sort of...
*I will try to sleep more...than 5 hours at night :P
*I will try to learn Dutch better
*I will try to learn Japanese better
*I will study harder
*I will try to improve my English as much as I can
*I will try to help as many needy people as I can
*I will join an NGO
*I will try to be a better person
*I will pay more attention to the people who matter and to my surroundings
*I will take more photographs of what I like
*I will not hate or hurt anyone's feelings :)
*I will keep my head up and smile, no matter what will happen :D

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