Saturday, January 9, 2010


34. My favorite colour is blue.
35. I speak English, French, Spanish
36. I understand Italian & Portuguese quite well even if I've never learned them
37. I'm trying to learn dutch & japanese by myself just because I like these 2 languages :)
38. I don't like watching tv
39. I love reading books
40. I like horror & psychological movies
41. I like old movies/black and white movies or movies made after british novels :)
42. I'm not quite a romantic person...
43. Not many people know but I've always enjoyed singing
44. Foreign literature is awesome!
45. I wish to travel to as many places as possible.
46. I love New Zeland for it's greenary.
47. I believe in doing things from personal will not waiting to be nagged.
48. I like to cook when I'm home alone. I like testing my cooking skills.
49. I regret selling my guitar a few years back...I wish I had it now
50. I don't think I'll ever drive a car.
51. I don't like big cars, a car should be useful not fancy.
52. I sleep very little. I could get 3 or 10 hours of sleep and I could work just as well.
53. I love dogs!
54. I don't whine. I hate that!
55. I don't like whiney people. Suck it up and move on.
56. I only ask once if something's bothering you. I don't like nagging people.
57. I like to wear silver jewelry.
58. I have a necklace from a French monastary which always brings me luck. It's my lucky charm.
59. I wear glasses 80% of the time...I can't read/see anything without them.
60. I spend a lot of time at the computer.
61. I'm addicted to facebook and now twitter.
62. I never really use yahoo messinger :P
63. I use msn to talk to my foreign friends.
64. I watch anime & read mangas and now I understand basic Japanese.
65. Besides house music I like to listen to some korean and japanese bands :)
66. I've ALWAYS wanted to play the piano and I won't give up on this dream till I get one and learn how to play.

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