Monday, January 11, 2010

Sing your heart out...

I know that Youtube has a lot of talented users but in this post I want to show you guys a few singers whom I've discovered lately and whom I admire for their great vocal skills. I'm sure that there are a lot more to be discovered but so far these are the ones that caught my attention.

Last night I was watching some random videos on youtube when I came across this video of some girls called Blyss who managed to make this amazing cover of Destiny's Child song Emotions! That's one amazing cover! These girls are extremely talented and I trully hope that they get something out of it someday :

Then there are these 2 girls called Rin on the Rox who I've been listening to for a while now. They have amazing voices and they complete each other so well! Their covers are really good. This time I'm not going to post a cover but I'm going to post one song (which sounds SOOOO good in my opinion) which they produced with someone working in the music industry:

J'Lostein is also an amazing girl with an amazing voice! She has an angelic voice to be honest! When she sings her voice sounds so nice, so serene and soothing. You can feel the warmth and kindness in her voice. Ignore her crazy style if it "bothers" you or anything...just listen to her and you'll see what I mean. :)

Hana Pestle is also one of the singers I've discovered on youtube. She has a very clear, strong but at the same time soothing voice. I know she already performs on stages but I really hope she'll become famous someday! She deserves it!

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