Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Trick & Kubic featuring Valeska - Easy ♥

I know this song is from 2006 but I still love it and I had to post the lyrics because they are so meaningful! :) Listen to the song or just read the lyrics and you'll see what I'm talking about. ;)
I also love the video because Lena Gerke is in it, she's the winner of the first edition of Germany's Next Top Model and she's a great model, just as expected.

If you hear a sound
from a voice inside
tellin' you
something's not right
you're gettin' tired
of this life
you just don't know
how to thrive
maybe one day
you will see
life's in motion
and you are the beat
flowin' with it
no matter how
just find the way
open your eyes
and feel new-born
threre's no reason
no need to mourn
things will change
and you will see
that your mind
will set you free
don't be impatient
don't run away
let me tell ya
that one day
you will see
how easy it is
how easy it is

(easy, easy, easy)

you wonder what it´s gonna be like
when you listen to that voice
speaking to you all the time
tellin' you all the things you need to know
it may be hard to understand
and hard to follow from time to time
but if you're not trying
nothing will change
it's your choice
the way you live your life
and not only within your dreams
with your eyes wide open
there's a lot more to see
than you've seen so far
so why don't you just give it a go?
and listen to what your heart says?
and stop questioning...

it's easy

(easy, easy, easy)

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