Saturday, December 19, 2009


There was this tag -99 things about me- going around blogs and even though at first I wasn't really sure if I wanted to do the end I decided to do it for the reason of "just because" :)) :))

Enjoy the first 33 things:

1. I don’t like the colour pink

2. I don’t like champagne and campari yuck

3. I get sick from the stomach if something is repeated over and over again, like a song or something..

4. Cigarette smoke makes me cough and it feels as if my neck and chest are burning

5. I like to dance at least an hour every single day, when I’m at home.

6. I go “crazy” if I don’t listen to music every single day, I’m seriously addicted to music.

7. I don’t like sports.

8. I always pick the most difficult school, solution etc.

9. I never take the easy way out.

10. I always take responsibility for my actions.

11. I appreciate honesty more than anything.

12. I don’t like people who forget to be modest.

13. I’ve never been outside this country.

14. I want to move to Amsterdam/Holland. <3

15. I have stage fright but it’s not as bad when it’s in front of strangers as it is in front of people I know...

16. I dislike having to make presentations in front of the class.

17. I’m VERY self conscious.

18. I believe in doing the right thing.

19. I believe in never giving up hope no matter how hard life gets.

20. I believe in staying optimistic in any situation.

21. I believe that revenge is not a smart way to act.

22. I believe that everyone needs to be treated nicely.

23. I wanted to become a doctor (a surgeon), then a model, then a performer (singer & dancer), then a DJ, then a psychologist, then a kindergarten teacher, then a PR & translator (studying to become one now) not many jobs, right? XD

24. I love little kids. They’re so cute. Most of them.

25. Most of the times I feel very motherly & protective of weak people, or poor people…anyone in need of some sort of support or protection.

26. I love learning new things about human mind. That’s why I love psychology so much.

27. I strongly believe that everyone deserves a second chance. Everyone makes mistakes after all.

28. My favorite book so far is ‘The woman in white’ by Wilkie Collins.

29. My favorite gown/dress designer is definitely Zuhair Murad!!

30. I LOVE fashion but I don’t like shopping :P

31. I talk in English more often than in Romanian :))

32. I listen to ALL types of music but my personal favorite is house music (dance & trance especially, I don't like minimal very much)

33. I’m a perfectionist, I like things well done

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