Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shoes, shoes, spring shoes

So since Spring is right around the corner and since I was in need of some small, feminine shoes, I bought me some cute and also useful pairs, as you can see below:

H&M sneakers in navy blue - 10 euros
At work, my boss received this really cute pair of blue moccasins, which she ordered from an online store and I liked them so much that in less than an hour I was convinced that I had to have a pair of those. :) And I do now. Next day when I came to work, my order was already waiting for me. I can't wait to wear them!
Kelvin leather scarpi/flats/moccasins in navy blue - cute & comfy - 16 euros

I do have 3 new pairs of flats but I don't have pictures of them yet.

I also want these shoes:

The last pictures are all from, a Romanian online store.


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