Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Outfit: Denim Shirt

A few days ago I went on an evening walk with my sister, in a nearby district full of beautiful houses (since I obviously got tired of living in an apartment :)) ). I love walking through that area!! That place is so peaceful and since it is situated at the end of the town and near the forest, the air feels so fresh. So we decided to take
the camera with us and shoot a few pictures of my outfit and see if they turn out ok for my new category called "Summer Outfit". 

I was wearing: denim shirt from Bernardi
                       white tank top from H&M
                       skinny jeans from Inside
                       key-chain necklace from H&M
                       dark-blue leather bag from Effect
                       silver metallic flats
Mention: You will definitely see this denim shirt in other outfit combinations, as I simply LOVE it!! :)
Our evening walk ended at Kaufland Hypermarket where we decide to go spontaneously and buy snacks and sweets which we enjoyed during a movie when we got back home. :)

Have a lovely day/good night sweethearts! Kisses!

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