Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fashion trends: ruffle skirts & dresses

I haven't posted any fashion posts lately so I decided that it was about time to make one. :)
This summer ruffle (or layered) skirts & dresses are a must have for all fashionistas. I think they look pretty cute and if they have a floral print it's even better because that's definitely one of this summer's trends. They are VERY feminine, sexy and cute at the same time and of course very comfortable. They are also very easy to accessorize, some simple pumps or sandals and a long necklace and/or some bangles (bracelets) are enough to create an amazing a cool summer look.

Camilla Belle wearing the green BCBG - Max Azria ruffle dress

Lauren Conrad from MTV's shows 'The Hills' & 'Laguna Beach' wearing ruffle skirts

Other examples of pretty dresses and skirts from ModCloth ( :


  1. I know nothing about fashion really but still this shouldn't stop me from expressing my opinion, or should it ?
    Camilla Belle looks nice with her green ruffled dress. Then again she has nice legs and probably would look nice in anything short :D.
    Lauren Conrad looks well kinda bad to me. I do hope it's a paparazzi shot, at least she has an excuse then. The ruffled dress and that blouse she's wearing ... don't really like the way it looks.
    Girl in picture number 3 looks decent. Probably would have looked better with a bit of a longer skirt though. I'm sure the ruffled thingy doesn't make her look better though so something else would have probably been nicer.
    In conclusion the ruffled trend thingy seems a bit too much for me. It does look nice if it's not too much and if it's a dress. Just the skirt doesn't look good IMO. Also you'd probably want some nice legs if you're going to go with something ruffled and short, they do help.

  2. haha yes Camilla Belle looks nice but Lauren Conrad doesn't look bad either. She's a fashion designer after all ( 'forgot to mention that in the post). Ruffle skirts go well only with simple shirts & tops like the one LC is wearing, prints are NOT allowed. Maybe the colour isn't that nice but I like what she's wearing and I would wear it as well. :)

    ...and yes, I do agree that you pretty much have to have pretty long legs to be able to wear ruffle skirts & dresses. :D