Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tall or short?

...What's the deal with people giving so much importance to height? I'm really curious. Do people point how short/tall you are because of a personal complexe or because they like to "make fun" of others? I don't know. I guess it depends on the situation...

I'm a pretty tall person (1.75 cm if you were curious) and I was the 3rd tallest person in my class, during highschool (one guy was around 1.85 cm and one girl was 1.80 cm). I remember once telling that girl (jokingly, obviously) that I was glad I wasn't so tall...and let me tell you, it didn't go well. It turned out that that girl was quite sensitive (more than I imagined) and she started asking me what was my point and then she started crying...I felt so guilty afterwards and I realized my mistake. Ever since, I don't make any remarks about people's height. I've learned my lesson. I hope you will do the same.

Even though my sister is almost 4 years older, she's a few cm shorter than me. I believe I inherited the height gene from my dad. Well....he's almost 1.90 and he's very thin as well. :P

I often get remarks where people like to point out the fact that I'm so tall (though I think I have a normal height) and they either ask why I didn't do modelling or if I play basketball (in the best cases) but they also point out that I'm going to have a problem in finding a tall partner (hmm...guys really tend to get shorter nowadays, don't they?) or that I might look weird among my shorter friends. My answer is: SO WHAT? Does height matter that much? I don't think so. My best friend is so much shorter than me...I've always had shorter friends. :)) That didn't make them less interesting or fun to hang out with. Actually I have only one tall friend hahaha and even though she's almost 1.80 cm, she enjoys wearing high heels. I admire that. I don't wear 'heels. I got used to wearing flats. I do think I'm tall enough like this. But I do wear them on special occasions.

The thing is, I've learned to not make any jokes or remarks about people's height because it might make them feel uncomfortable or it might offend them. People are just as awesome either way: tall or short. :)

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  1. Oh boy, this is a tough one. In short you're right, it shouldn't matter but we do live in the real world.
    I for one have never had issues with my height. I'm 1.85 and well yes, I like the fact that I'm tall because my parents are about 10 cm shorter so it's progress in my family I guess :). It's also nice to be tall, my mother always asks me to get things from the top shelves and I can change light bulbs just by raising my hands up to them.
    That being said my best friend is short too and I've never had a problem with that even though we do look weird. We were a funny pair I guess because I was tall and well ... fat :) while he was short and skinny.
    You can't change your height though, the things you can do something about are your weight if we're talking about physical stuff and how you are as a person.
    Unfortunately people do tend to judge by physical appearance and that includes heigh. I try not to but it doesn't always work for me either. What I can say with all honesty is that I do try. I don't really know if I'd go out with someone who's 1.50 because it would make me feel awkward, and there are also real problems in that I can't even some people who are short sometimes :D. Still if he/she are very nice and special people like my best friend is than I don't really care about their height. I've never really liked someone just because they were tall though.
    Then there's the real world, the world in which we live in. I have a colleague at work who's tall, and by tall I mean very tall, especially for a girl. I don't know her exact height but I think it's something like 1.90. She's about as tall as I am but maybe a bit taller. I never dared ask her because it might hurt her feelings and it doesn't really matter that much. From what I could tell she's a nice person , though I can't say I know her too well. But the guys at work dismiss her just because she's tall. I remember there was some talk about girls in the office ( well boys will be boys :) ) and they just dismissed her, oh she's too tall, she's taller than us... next. Shouldn't you take the time to know a person first before or something ... Unfortunately though I think it also makes her uncomfortable and mybe insecure too, even though she doesn't show it.
    When people are different in any way society and the majority of people tend to push them aside for not belonging to the main group. I remember being fat when I was small and always feeling out of place and being made to feel out of place. Being very smart also makes you a geek and you're pushed aside ... So does being too tall/ too short. Some people like your friend try to rebell against this and wear high heals while others just try to handle it as best they can. Deep inside though I think that all people who are different know this and maybe feel insecure.