Saturday, May 29, 2010

Exams & new photo editing skills...

Exams are right around the corner so I won't be able to post much during the upcoming month ...or if I will (I know I won't able to help it), they will consist in a lot of pictures and videos.
I have an exam on Monday, a test on Tuesday and another test on Wednesday aaaaand after that other 4 exams between June 1o and June 28...pretty hectic right? But I'm not complaining. I like what I'm studying and I don't want to cheat on exams, I try my best to focus and remember what I study because I find it interesting and useful. :) Everyone should do the same. Let's be fair and let's work hard to achieve what we want! Let's set a good example, shall we? That will make you feel acomplished.

Other than that...
I sometimes edit some of my pictures on but I'm talking about little improvements. Nothing huge. I like to keep it real.
But today I found some interesting instructions about editing which I wish to share with you:

- upload a picture on
- click the "Edit" link on the photo you want to edit
- select the "Effects" tab and click the "Greyscale"button to make your photo black-and-white
- to add a splash of colour click the "Advanced Options" button, and select "Painted Region from the dropdown menu
- you will see a large black dot on your photo, drag that around the photo (while pressing it) to select the areas that you want to be black-and-white. The part you don't highlight will be in colour.
- you can adjust the size of the black dot anytime so that you can use it more easily on your picture

here's what I did:

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