Sunday, May 23, 2010

Timisoara for Guiness Book of World Records

Thursday night I was browsing the internet for interesting stuff to read and I randomly came accross this post about a special event that was about to take place in my town the next day. Some highschool students were going to take part in a synchronized dance, an event which was going to take place in several European cities at the same time and this dance was going to be considered the biggest synchronized dance in the world (trying to break the previous record of 27.000 dancers registered in 2008). At that time I thought about going to watch the event but I wasn't sure. Next morning I didn't hear my alarm so I got up pretty late and I woke my sister up but she was to sleepy to get up and suddenly I decided to go alone, even if it was a bit late. So I rushed out of bed, dressed up, grabbed the camera and ran out the door without eating lunch. :)) My parents were like "Where is she going like that?". I was in a hurry so I didn't have time to explain so I let my sister do the talking. I ran downtown as fast as I could but the dance had already started...actually it was over as soon as I got there (it lasted only 7 minutes). But I wasn't sad because I had enough time to take a few pics while the kids were dancing together on some folclore songs just for the fun of it. :) A lot of people gathered to watch these students dancing. I was impressed! Anyway they looked really nice, they all had white & violet shirts (representative colours for my town) that alternated, so looking at the bigger picture it was a beautiful event. You'll see what I mean once you look at the pics. In conclusion 866 students joind the synchronized dance in Timisoara. There were 54 other cities from Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovakia, Bulgaria which had 'joined' the dance for the purpose of breaking the previous record. I hope the official results will be as good as everyone has hoped for! :)

I don't have my pictures & video on the computer yet but I will update this post when I get them from my sister's laptop. :) 'Till then, here are some official photos:

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