Tuesday, May 11, 2010

When you're being misunderstood...

Do you sometimes get the feeling that you are misunderstood? Yes? No? Well...I do. Looking back on my teenage years I can say that I never really was understood, maybe one or two people were able to 'read' my actions, my thoughts, my words but looking at the bigger picture that is almost insignificant. On the other hand I always thought that I was easy to read and to understand. I guess I was wrong.

  • Do you ever feel that you're saying one thing and people understand something else or even the opposite?
It happened to me lately...several times and it made me think about it...what makes people misunderstand our words/actions? Why do they tend to believe the worst about what we're saying/doing?
  • Do you ever feel that people start doubting you even after many years of friendship/acquintance because they believe what they want to believe about you?
They think about what is worse and they don't even consider the background of your relationship anymore. They believe what they want because it's easier for them to see someone elses faults rather then their own. I guess they think it's easier that wrong...some get offended when it's not even the case :(
  • Do you ever feel that you are misunderstood because people don't try to reach your heart anymore?
I guess it's easy for them to judge what they see rather than looking for answers.
  • Do you ever feel that people don't want to admit they're wrong when they misunderstand you, because they are afraid to do it?
They will never admit they were wrong. People have such big egos. Sometimes they just can't get over themselves...
  • Do you ever feel that people blame you for being misunderstood?
Yes they often do that. They don't care what made them misunderstand you, you are to blame for it, they have no fault in this...Mhm...
  • Do you ever feel that the people who surround you became so superficial that they prefer to leave you behind when they sense the slightest change of mood between you and them?
Been there, done that. What can I say, people move on to happier 'things' rather than trying to fix what's broken or trying to figure out the problem.

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